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#Musicmoney chats to Country stars Voodoo Town, about their new single, Fly

"When perfect craftmanship, style-conscious musicians and precise production come together."

Coldplay meets Oasis meets Take That meets Little River Band. Impossible? No definitely not. Because if a portion of well-stored folk rock a la CSN & Y is served, it becomes really official.

Coherent compositions, mean, correct songwriting, which comes up with perfect vocals and skilled instrumentation, plus a flawless, crystalline and finely chiseled production characterizes the work of the trio around the exceptional Australian singer Brent W. Larkham and his two German fellow musicians Uwe Lorenz and Fabian König.

First small & big successes in worldwide radio airplay with No. 1 and various top 20 placements speak for themselves.

You can turn it however you want: Voodoo Town have high-quality musical influences in their genes - which they were able to combine and process into extremely high-quality song material. It's authentic, honest, really handmade and extremely worth listening to. Anyone who says good pop can only come from the UK should convince themselves here that this is not the case. Voodoo Town gives the appropriate, because correct, answer!

Where are you from?

Australia & Germany

Describe your sound:

We make modern Pop/Rock Country Music

Tell us about your latest track:

(Worldwide Release Date is 12. February 2021!)

The new single Fly by Voodoo Town. A beautiful crafted inspirational song about friendship, love and the adventure of life...

Who inspires you?

All the Music around the World. Pop, Rock, Country… everything is interesting for inspiration

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

I hope that we have a big Fan Community and a lot of people like our Music and listen to it.

Where can we check out your sounds?

We are available on every Download and Streaming Platform. Also we have a YouTube Channel with great Music videos.

Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know.

Voodoo Town is not only a Band, Voodoo Town is a big international Friendship. The People feel and hear this when they are listening to our Songs.

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