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“I went from just a bedroom hobby to pursuing placements” #musicmoney faves @diffrence3 and Phonic B

Phonic Blizz Ent and Diff'rence Aka Darrin Cox reconnect for Extra Perception 2.

"We Go" comes in like a countdown.. then shoots off. We are in. "A Love Story " covers some low points while falling in love with the culture. With features from Boogie Bang (who's been featured on projects with Napoleon Maddox & Sorg and DJ Ekwality) and Detroit's Blu Magoo makes "No Omega" fierce. Extra Perception 2 is a great colorful blend of underground hip hop.

What was the meaning behind the song?

I approached it as a motivational piece. Telling how I went from just a bedroom hobby to pursuing placements..

What type of equipment did you use in producing your latest EP "Extra Perception 2"?

Version of garageband and the built in laptop mic.

I would like to give thanks to " Cali, Brazil, NYC ,Arizona, Uk, Houston, Atlanta, Australia, Chicago, Ohio, Philly, Poland, France,Germany, Philippines

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