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“I wanted the track to take you on a journey.” - #musicmoney meets EDM star D-SAB for his latest

Tell us about your latest track:

My latest release ‘NEKDROP’ includes genres such as dubstep, psy-trance, and riddim. This was my first EDM release of the year and I wanted to make a track that incorporates a little bit of everything. I wanted the track to take you on a journey. It is a very high energy track that will be sure to make your NEKFROP.

Who inspires you?

One of my greatest inspirations is DJ Snake. I truly respect how he is able to cross genres seamlessly. One day his is releasing a track with Justin Bieber, the next day he’s dropping a super heavy trap song. That is the musical freedom I strive to have. His fan base is also so supportive of his wide range of production and I hope that I can achieve that in the near future.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

In 5 years, I not only see D-SAB being an artist name, but an experience. I want to create a family that transcends borders and languages. I want my music to be able to bring people together and inspire them to believe that anything is possible.

Where can we check out your sounds?

My music is available on all streaming platforms!

Tell us something about yourself that people need to know.

I’m actually in law school at the moment... don’t recommend it haha.

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