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I love anyone who supports my music, from the bottom of my heart #musicmoney chats to West Coast art

Where are you from?

I’m a 20 year old artist based out of the Bay Area, Pacific Northwest, & Los Angeles, while the places I stay are on the west coast the sound of my music is not bound by any specific location or style.

Describe your sound...

As I had said, my music isn’t really any specific style. I’ve done a ton of hip/hop but I also make pop music and pop/punk music as well! I also can produce an instrumental to almost any genre within the mainstream. As I said the sound of my music isn’t bound by only one style.

Tell us about your latest track

My latest track is called “Kennedy On Ecstasy” which is a Ode to Mac Miller (rest his soul) & a line of his off the song “Red Dot Music”

This single is also synonymous with the name of my next project, which will likely be an EP, titled “Kennedy On Ecstasy.”

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by a massive variety of artists from Mac Miller, to XXXTENTACION, to Mac Dre, to Dr Dre, to Tupac, to Lil Peep, to Machine Gun Kelly! All of these people have inspired me to create music, and have had an impact on my life one way or another.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

To break it down, in one year Im going to be touring In the USA & I’ll have my first gold plaque, in two years from now I will be headlining festivals, and charting on the billboard, in three years from now I’m going to have impacted millions upon millions of people with my music, in four years from now I will be seen as a mainstream artist, and in 5 years I will be considered a legend.

Where can we check out your music?

Check me out on any platform by searching “Levi Zadoff” also, please visit my website at:

Please check out “Kennedy On Ecstasy” as well as my most recent mixtape, titled “Welcome Back, Golden Boy.”

Tell us something people need to know...

The people need to know that I’m here. & any support they can give me is beyond appreciated. I love anyone who supports my music, from the bottom of my heart. So let’s spread the love!

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