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“I have a goal to make this world a better place for everyone” #musicmoney chats to rising Australi

Where are you from?

I am from Sydney, Australia.

Describe your sound:

My sound is very unique switching between rnb, hip-hop and pop with an artistic twist, I like to blend many genres into my music.

Tell us about your latest track:

My latest track is called “Moving”. It is about no matter your situation in life you have to get up and keep moving forward in order to stay happy and leave the past behind.

Who inspires you?

I am highly inspired by Russ and his work ethic, I try to follow his strategies and I also produce, mix, master and engineer all my music too. Russ is the reason I started my music career, I was blown away by his music, attitude and commitment towards his goals. That’s what I have always wanted to be like.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself making top quality music amongst the greatest artists in the world. I’m hoping to have a massive catalogue that my fans can always listen to. I want to be touring around the globe, impacting people’s lives for the better and just be an inspiration to people out there.

Where can we check out your sounds?

All of my music is on every Platform under the name of “Cressworld”.

Tell us something about yourself that people need to know:

My name is Cressworld, I am 21 years old. I am an artist from Australia who is new to the music industry, I produce, mix and master all of my music, I like to keep it real with myself and my fans through my music i put out, I always speak the truth and help people out anywhere I can, I have a goal to make this world a better place for everyone and with everyone’s support i believe that we can do that. If you haven’t already, you’re more than welcome to join the movement!

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